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Arthur’s Beef Dripping is a celebration of the very best Ireland has to offer. The gold standard in fat, our beef dripping has been carefully crafted since 1911 to ensure deep beefy flavour and tremendous taste.

Beef Dripping has been praised by chefs and butchers worldwide as an ingredient like no other. Ours comes from grass fed Irish beef and is a celebration of heritage and tradition. A natural fat, high in omega-3 acids, it has been carefully rendered and clarified by our fourth generation butchers to ensure serious culinary results.

Arthur’s Beef Dripping – use it for perfect roast potatoes, the best golden chips or even the most luxurious sauce for steak.

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Healthy & Natural

Modern research is recognising saturated fat as an essential part of our diet as it helps cardiovascular health by raising good cholesterol, protects organs and aids the absorption of vital vitamins, including Vitamin A, which helps the digestive system, Vitamin D for bone growth, Vitamin E for the immune system and Vitamin K, which helps blood to clot.” Source: The Herald, Scotland 2016

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Chef's Love Beef Dripping

Chefs love it!

Many Great Chefs now enthuse about Natural Beef Dripping being the perfect fat to cook ROAST POTATOES and CHIPS in. Heston Blumenthal and Jamie Oliver are just two of the many enthusiasts. Here in Ireland the number of chefs and influencers now using Natural Beef Dripping is growing all the time.

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Rediscovering Natural Flavour

Food preference is a constantly evolving journey. The latest demand is for “Natural” and “Full flavour” More and more bloggers and food writers are drawing attention to the wonderful ingredient that Natural Beef Dripping truly is.

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